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- Best wishes for a speedy recovery little one. RL is always there waiting to throw one at you, in her ...2011.06.26 19:59:00
- -1 Account. Sad day ...2011.06.25 10:16:00
- Listened to my (decent) pc's cooling fans going crazy as the current drain from the graphics card we ...2011.06.23 09:54:00
- X Optional ...2011.06.23 09:50:00
- X. Pointless feature, nothing to do with the game. Overloads PC graphics for no reason. ...2011.06.22 11:45:00
- OK. Thanks for looking anyway ...2011.05.14 09:12:00
- Is there a way to stop my username being automatically displayed on the login screen when the client ...2011.05.11 14:55:00

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