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- Rate of Fire. Example : my nice cane T2 has a ROF of 120 shots/min without the bonus. With +100% RO ...2011.07.30 10:58:00
- Whoa. Thanks for the input guys.Why do I need to save my money? what could possibly be worth buying ...2011.07.30 10:50:00
- I've always thought a lesser class of capital ship would be interesting, specifically an Escort Carr ...2011.07.30 10:45:00
- Howdy folks. I recently finished training for Command Ships, and I'm wondering which of them are goo ...2011.07.30 10:39:00
- Personally, I think they could run alliance tourney vids/specific eve related youtube vids/trailers/ ...2011.07.02 19:17:00
- I hope they offer some flying eve board to glide in stations ... walking is so boring and the mess ...2011.07.02 19:13:00
- CCP! We need Tech 3 Carriers in the Nex store! I'd soooooooo buy one. ...2011.07.01 07:07:00
- Finally got my new graphics card and numerous other comp upgrades, eve looks great, CQ runs at 40 fp ...2011.07.01 07:03:00
- Edited by: Mattias Kerensky on 28/06/2011 03:29:16 Growing up on a farm in Texas, I've always been ...2011.06.28 03:29:00
- Edited by: Mattias Kerensky on 27/06/2011 19:36:36 Man, this kicked the **** out of the post I made ...2011.06.27 19:35:00
- Having a bunch of wow-fanboys and god knows what else join up sounds pretty detrimental to me, the c ...2011.06.27 19:18:00
- To assist with the effort, I would be happy to donate a working case fan, that has 1 broken off fan ...2011.06.27 08:40:00
- I'm off to take in EverQuest 1 again once my remaining time run out (protesting till then, or till I ...2011.06.27 08:06:00
- Edited by: Mattias Kerensky on 27/06/2011 07:56:44 Well, I've been kinda low on evetime lately betw ...2011.06.27 07:56:00
- So, in the midst of the ****storm raging over MT and nonvanity items, I thought I'd go ahead and pos ...2011.06.27 07:43:00

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