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- Actually Apple is buying Iceland. Soon you'll all be forced to buy Ipads to play....DO want to play ...2011.08.03 00:54:00
- In addition, all distances should be converted to furlongs, time to fortnights and mass to firkins.T ...2011.08.02 17:46:00
- I'm scared ...2011.08.02 01:24:00
- Don't know if anyone has said this yet but, evolution doesn't work like that ...2011.07.27 05:37:00
- Bump bump ...2011.07.18 21:07:00
- So is it always only the first Friday of every month?Or are there some people doing it every Friday? ...2011.07.16 02:28:00
- Just another supporter for JohnScrew Krisstofer ...2011.06.24 03:40:00

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