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- Edited by: Vengeance Thirst on 09/07/2011 09:00:26 Hmm Think I've made a post once like 2 years ago ...2011.07.09 08:52:00
- This bug is back. I almost lost carrier this time because of it.I switched ships at tower warped to ...2011.07.05 17:36:00
- Reloging for the second time helped giving mods back. Apparently I had to stay logged off for my shi ...2011.06.25 15:30:00
- HiI already made petition about it but this is emergency.I just jumped in my carrier that was sittin ...2011.06.25 15:20:00
- I agree with the high sec floating screen thingys I dont care what on them but the station screens i ...2011.06.23 11:39:00
- Am I the only one that wont pay 12k something (4 plex cards) for a silly eye piece on my character?? ...2011.06.23 11:28:00
- Exactly I was thinking about that but not normal rl commercials of mc donalds and coca cole but of i ...2011.06.23 11:25:00
- I agree with both points.You should be able to run and you should be able to customize the **** you ...2011.06.23 11:23:00
- I vote for that, please make the new incarna station optional.I already turned that off as I was in ...2011.06.23 11:18:00
- How About you just warp to the enemy fleet at different ss's. Under the warp range like lets say 140 ...2011.06.23 11:16:00
- Apology not accepted. Next tournament I'm hiring Chuck Noris and Steven Seagal and Im coming there t ...2011.06.21 15:09:00
- I would really like the tournament to include more teams and be spread over 3-4 weeks period. ...2011.06.19 23:23:00
- Darkside ...2011.06.19 19:29:00
- ... ...2011.06.18 21:05:00
- well i wanted to see fights, whatr is this ****?.... ...2011.06.18 20:59:00

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