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- Hijinx N Hoodwinks,3,17,61,68,70,99,100,106,171 ...2011.07.31 23:51:00
- Interesting... Are we still only subscribers to a service that you're providing or does our ownersh ...2011.05.27 17:54:00
- Your collective butt has to hurt a little bit just for the fact that you lost such an accomplished p ...2011.05.15 08:52:00
- Larkonis is a C & P legend. I don't know him, maybe he is cool etc maybe he is la douche d'ass but i ...2011.05.15 08:37:00
- This is crime and punishment for criminals and victims of crime to entertain us with their stories a ...2011.05.15 03:53:00
- No matter. We are still epic pro win sauceCorporation.But the sauce you've gotten all over yourself ...2011.05.14 07:46:00
- a lss thread not started by a member of lss..... my god we are pro.This thread is in relation to yo ...2011.05.13 17:39:00
- I'm mad.You got invited to uncle herb's last family gathering and I didn't?That's bull****! ...2011.05.13 07:10:00
- Finish the contract then ask if the victim of it wants payback. ...2011.05.02 06:43:00
- Yeah, screw sustainability. Thats just a codeword for homo environmentalists and Obama-supporters an ...2011.05.01 18:39:00
- Your a total moron, Han Solo is from Star *WARS* not Trek you idiot...but everything else posted her ...2011.04.30 20:36:00
- Your "ninja" business model is not a sustainable source of income.The code of conduct that you mock ...2011.04.30 07:57:00
- blah blah blahwhen all you really said is a 9 man corp with 2 alt corps of logi with 1 war dec can c ...2011.04.28 17:37:00
- Edited by: Hijinx N Hoodwinks on 27/04/2011 08:47:15Is this typical of what we're to expect if we hi ...2011.04.27 08:47:00
- You promise tears but instead you've delivered nothing but a joke that wasn't even funny enough to ...2011.04.27 07:39:00

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