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- In PVE damage types don't matter too much because he can just pick a rat that has em/thermal holes. ...2011.09.04 19:41:00
- Go amarr. The Harbinger can use a full flight of medium drones and you can use 7 lasers. In my exp ...2011.09.04 17:41:00
- I'm not going to get into all of that as I'm on my phone, but from personal experience. you'll event ...2011.09.02 17:02:00
- Instead of explaining what's wrong, I will give a small narrative on everything that is right.Intern ...2011.09.02 01:34:00
- The trick is to get into a good corp and actually care about it. My corp has a 40M a month per char ...2011.09.02 01:24:00
- I was actually pretty lucky. I surfed the Corp Recruitment section of the forums and found a corp t ...2011.08.31 18:04:00
- Bumpage....having fun out here so far. ...2011.08.29 23:15:00
- I would be interested to see how many people approve of this. I can't imagine how people could take ...2011.08.18 01:37:00
- Because ServerLogins will fall drasticallyWhy would that matter? Login or no, they still get their ...2011.08.17 17:04:00
- I hear that.Been there (multiple times), done that, got t-shirts (with "I can pilot capital ships, b ...2011.08.17 16:26:00
- Heh, EQ for 10 years. Back toward the beginning, I read some lore at one point where Nizran L'Crit ...2011.08.17 16:22:00
- Even if someone is gone from EvE for a couple weeks, what is it to CCP if they are able to swap skil ...2011.08.17 16:15:00
- /rant So, I realize that this is probably just a "me" issue and sounds like complaining, so be it. ...2011.08.17 16:01:00
- Man you throw that CISSP around a lot. You just got it huh? :P ...2011.07.08 21:36:00
- Oh monocleites, why do you not petition for a seperate forum where you do not have to sift through t ...2011.07.08 21:27:00

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