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- Edited by: Zerp Metesur on 02/05/2011 21:51:45 Long story short, they failcascaded under pressure d ...2011.05.02 21:50:00
- Bumping will likely help their tracking as it slows your velocity and pushes them away from you alon ...2011.05.01 15:57:00
- You can't pod someone without lag, a warp bubble or smartbombs so bounty hunting just isn't realisti ...2011.05.01 09:13:00
- For PvP Berserkers and curators are the best damage drones for general combat. Vespas are useful f ...2011.04.29 21:47:00
- Expense isn't a relevant issue for many players. ...2011.04.29 08:22:00
- Medium Armor Repairer II 1600mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I Damage Control II Energized A ...2011.04.29 01:16:00
- Gets ****d by warrior IIs. ...2011.04.27 19:46:00
- What if like there was a new colour. Imagine what it would look like man. ...2011.04.25 17:14:00
- Navy issue augoror with slave implants. ...2011.04.22 23:10:00
- ccp altering faction warfare in any way hahaha oh you ...2011.04.22 15:34:00
- Missiles are superb for small gang work due to their ability to change between the 4 damage types an ...2011.04.21 16:04:00
- If we're talking bait t1 cruisers are the best imo. Frigate and cruiser hulls which would be intimid ...2011.04.20 18:34:00
- Edited by: Zerp Metesur on 20/04/2011 14:07:09 Copying a bloody good one from xaen's thread in case ...2011.04.20 14:04:00
- Edited by: Zerp Metesur on 20/04/2011 19:44:31 You may want to try getting in touch with xaen. He h ...2011.04.20 13:54:00
- Edited by: Zerp Metesur on 20/04/2011 09:08:19 If you're not putting guns on it there is no need to ...2011.04.20 09:08:00

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