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- Clothes still do nothing to change the fact that my characters are asian. Didn't realize I'd be pla ...2011.09.01 15:18:00
- so im like really new to overheating. i know what it does to certain mods and i know if you overheat ...2011.08.26 16:30:00
- I have never found a way with one toon to make mining more profitable than missions/anoms. If you'r ...2011.08.25 15:33:00
- When roaming look for who holds sov in the majority of the constellations of the region.. http://ev ...2011.08.17 13:08:00
- The problem with the legion isn't really a problem at all. As Amarr we have some amazing t2 hulls. ...2011.08.17 12:18:00
- It isn't actually a huge amount of clicks. You can make a decent margin off it so long as you resea ...2011.08.11 08:09:00
- Arty Abaddon. Thing is a brick house. ...2011.08.11 02:49:00
- Artillery is most commonly used when kiting as you keep your targets transversal velocity down, whic ...2011.08.08 08:10:00
- I doubt that fit could even tank a patrol to be honest. Drone regions anoms != lvl 4's. I've even ...2011.07.25 21:11:00
- 10kk.. you mean 10 Million SP? Honestly mate it's really up to you on what you want to fly. If you ...2011.07.25 20:51:00
- Running multiple accounts. It's pretty but not worth the lost FPS you get if one of your toons is s ...2011.07.25 20:23:00
- I used to live out in sansha space and what I used was an apoc and it was a nice fit with my sp. It ...2011.07.16 10:11:00
- Another US law written by corporations and mouthpieced by politicians..Nothing to see here, move alo ...2011.07.02 20:09:00
- "It is CCP‘s plan that the Noble Exchange (NeX store) will be used for the sale of vanity items only ...2011.07.02 18:38:00
- You do realize that as an individual, the only thing keeping you from living in 0.0 and enjoying 0.0 ...2011.06.25 17:38:00

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