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- Edited by: Cipher Jones on 25/08/2011 18:59:06You customized your avatar when you made it. You didn ...2011.08.26 05:25:00
- Throw MT out of the window, it doesn't fit an open economy where everything is produced ingame.We al ...2011.08.26 05:22:00
- Edited by: Gwenywell Shumuku on 20/08/2011 11:35:21 No really, what was that?1. you are working wit ...2011.08.20 11:30:00
- Yes, good ideas, make 0.0 more lets say, give them some form of anomaly to make sh ...2011.08.16 08:46:00
- i find it funny that the "oh so smart ppl" don't realize once they nerf highsec into oblivion and ev ...2011.08.16 08:31:00
- The problem are not supercaps in general, and it was a "sound concept" at the time. The PROBLEM was ...2011.08.15 07:17:00
- The plan? Put it out there and see how it goes. No rollbacks or anything, so if SOV really gets **** ...2011.08.14 15:18:00
- Edited by: Gwenywell Shumuku on 13/08/2011 08:10:22 Its simple: the moment the only counter to some ...2011.08.13 08:10:00
- Never stop playing the game and interacting with the community, vets still remember how quality decl ...2011.08.12 17:43:00
- Edited by: Gwenywell Shumuku on 11/08/2011 09:18:42 ppl who never heard of opportunity costs and th ...2011.08.11 09:18:00
- Stop hyping this...its not new, its not doable on todays hardware, and its not even fully done yet ( ...2011.08.04 01:19:00
- So - did i miss something The ton of posts saying that most of the devs were on summer vacation?Yea ...2011.08.04 01:07:00
- Just don't invent a Tea Party here and I will be happy.It would be called Quafe-Party ...2011.08.01 17:00:00
- Edited by: Gwenywell Shumuku on 01/08/2011 16:59:083. And of course Doomsday Devices and Smartbombs ...2011.08.01 16:58:00
- hehe, its working fine, you just don't realize it.Indifference is the enemy of the NeX-store, you th ...2011.08.01 16:39:00

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