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- Did you have to call him a Sun Reader to inspire yourself into feeling superior, awww, get used to i ...2011.06.28 16:05:00
- A monocle is just another bad tattoo on the winter-hare's bottom, if you know what I mean. I'd rathe ...2011.06.28 15:59:00
- Thanks for reading and fly safely. It's kinda hard to do anything while flying in Jita, let alone d ...2011.06.28 15:35:00
- Edited by: Cheapo Hobo on 22/06/2011 08:20:44 here, YOU win EVE! Tell em what he's won, Johnny!I ...2011.06.22 08:20:00
- Wing Commander IV - 5 days left. The price of freedom, is ETERNAL VIGILANCE! ...2011.06.21 15:14:00
- Fellow americans,Today is a great day. Tomorrow will be even greater. I stand before you all to let ...2011.06.20 14:29:00
- Timezone? Alliance? Location?You need to add that information in compadre, I ain't no psychic if you ...2011.06.20 11:10:00
- Hey, why the need of a full API? I think that will scare a lot of potential recruits away. I know it ...2011.06.17 10:03:00
- Edited by: Cheapo Hobo on 15/06/2011 14:27:34 Interesting reading, thanks for all the help! ...2011.06.15 14:27:00
- Edited by: Cheapo Hobo on 14/06/2011 13:14:49 Good day chaps and chapettes,Wherever I turn I hear m ...2011.06.14 13:14:00
- Hey tiger, not very chatty today are you? That's okey, starting a new thread on this forum is like p ...2011.06.13 16:07:00
- Hey mate, I have a question: how busy is your forum? ...2011.05.23 11:54:00
- Hey there compadre,How many are there in the corporation and what are the long-term goals, if you kn ...2011.05.18 10:17:00
- Steal anything and everything that you can. Yes, even light lasers and civilian rails :PGosh, that ...2011.05.09 16:31:00
- Thanks a bunch for the input amigo, you can never get enough of it if you know what I mean. Is it ne ...2011.05.09 16:12:00

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