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- This expansion was a test of WoD / Dust Avatars.The next expansion is tying Dust into Eve game mec ...2011.08.11 08:44:00
- People look down on renters because they are:- militarily unimportant. There's no motivation for t ...2011.08.11 00:29:00
- "Carbon" is basically re-packaging Eve code for use in other games.It's too early to know if Eve i ...2011.08.09 01:26:00
- Of course they did.Having a "super-weapon" in a PvP game is a bad decision, it leads to one sided ...2011.08.07 09:44:00
- This has been a trivial, important and requested fix for years as far as I know. CCP are just terr ...2011.08.07 09:38:00
- Because it makes you feel they care without any commitment for them to actually do anything. ...2011.08.01 02:08:00
- The winter expansion will be about convincing Eve players they need to bribe console players befor ...2011.07.31 10:36:00
- A *very* tiny subset of the Eve community care about Dust.... other than the high probability of i ...2011.07.29 06:38:00
- Aurum is a problem because it represents a mis-allocation of resources. They would earn more money ...2011.07.29 06:29:00
- If you think they are going to let Eve players have any substantial impact on Dust games you aren' ...2011.07.27 07:47:00
- Good post."Phased Deployment" of expansions is just another way of admitting they don't have the r ...2011.07.26 02:09:00
- Who knows if it's gameplay CCP supports. But if they renamed them "Jita camping license" it would ...2011.07.21 02:14:00
- Naff off CCP.The monocle looks ugly, costs as much as a ship you could have fun in and the only on ...2011.07.20 01:19:00
- Incarna = Tech demo for WoD, cash shop Winter expansion = Sov changes for Dust, more cash shop.An ...2011.07.14 11:29:00
- Opening the "books" to Alliance/Corp members would probably help alleviate the frustration I felt ...2011.07.12 16:07:00

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