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- Hi pilots, I am a 22mil SP Amarr pilot and because i would like to raise standings with few other th ...2011.08.24 18:42:00
- Dear community, is navy Scorpion good ship as an universal L4 runner against all npc's? And if so, c ...2011.08.23 17:22:00
- Hi fellow pilots, my idea is simple. So far I am a 21 mil. SP PvE carebear with zero PvP experiences ...2011.08.12 07:49:00
- Hello fellow pilots! Because i am getting always good advices in here, i will try my luck once again ...2011.06.30 17:39:00
- Thank you all for help. Please may someone confirm the NPC TD buff? Does it mean that Nightmare Tach ...2011.06.29 12:19:00
- Hi fellow pilots, how to deal with The Blockade as Amarr? I am flying navy Geddon, but the mission i ...2011.06.27 17:23:00
- Edited by: Ellen Woods on 06/06/2011 14:28:13 closed ...2011.06.06 14:05:00
- Hello, pretty please recommend me a solid BS + fit for Amarr L4 fast mission runner. I can fit eithe ...2011.05.26 17:47:00
- Edited by: Ellen Woods on 15/05/2011 17:42:34 Pretty please, is this fit ok for L4 missions in Amar ...2011.05.15 17:42:00
- Please, keep the new forum offline forever. The new forum is pain to read, oversized portraits, bad ...2011.04.10 13:10:00
- Hi, does Legion attract suicide gangs as much as Tengu? ...2011.04.05 14:20:00
- Hi, please help me to choose race/faction and long term ship and its important skills for high sec L ...2011.03.31 11:49:00
- Ah i see, I forgot to specify the question. Well any of Amarr regions, high sec. ...2011.03.28 12:54:00
- Hi, well, what are the big L4 missions hubs and how may i find them? Thanks in advance. ...2011.03.28 12:22:00
- Hi, may GM remove/delete two of my skills? In short, i started as Minmatar just for looks, but immed ...2011.03.26 07:53:00

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