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- @ Merin Ryskin, for fleet scenarios, yes a T2 equivalent is a better choice. However, not everyone c ...2008.11.07 15:52:00
- Not sure if I sent mail to the right recruiting person but 15m SP Caldari Pilot looking for a new co ...2008.11.03 02:38:00
- Greetings all,I have just recently resubbed (as of last night actually), hoping to see some changes ...2008.11.01 15:42:00
- Zut alors! Je vis aux États-Unis et le décalage horaire est plutôt grand >_< ...2008.11.01 03:33:00
- Currently mine set up as:HIGH: 5 x 250mm Railguns, 2 Standard Launchers (not enough CPU for Assault) ...2007.11.12 15:10:00
- Not sure if I read your data correct but Ferox with Active Shield Tanking appears to be the weakest ...2007.11.05 17:16:00
- No. I think you're looking for Star Wars Galaxies... ...2007.10.31 13:00:00
- Thank you all for your interest but I have found a new home. Fly safe! ...2007.10.29 17:14:00
- As the title states, I am in need of a new corporation to call my home. I've been away from EvE afte ...2007.10.28 03:07:00
- Been a while since I last played and I've noticed quite the change to the gang system. The Dev blog ...2007.01.20 19:11:00
- If you can't figure that out then you shouldn't fly a brutix. First of all it gets a bonus to armor ...2007.01.15 05:12:00
- Anti-matter all the way...In pvp, hitting with Iron is useless since the damage is too low to be not ...2006.10.04 18:27:00
- To answer the original post (you know.. the whole point of this post), I suggest you take a good loo ...2006.10.04 01:57:00
- If you're trying to fit both a gank ( 5 heavy launchers) and a tank, then you must supplement the ba ...2006.10.02 20:16:00
- Edited by: Waenn Ironstaff on 29/09/2006 22:41:59 I'm in as well10 million sent. ...2006.09.29 22:42:00

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