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- Join faction warfare and run a few FW plexes, then level 3/4 FW missions. This will easily push you ...2011.08.24 22:14:00
- Hurray! Give us more doors! Gallente DOOR! Caldari DOOR! and the Amarr DOOR! I've been waiting for g ...2011.08.19 14:51:00
- While I appreciate your efforts, they are futile.How about investing your time in improving and fine ...2011.08.17 08:23:00
- I wish you good luck with this, but honestly, it is far too early to comment on anything - lots of v ...2011.08.15 15:01:00
- Yes! Remove that AUR stuff from the wallet UI. Also I'm willing to pay 70$ for the removal of the mo ...2011.08.06 14:12:00
- Oh dear, what a waste of time to read this blog.'Nullsec is the land of opportunity and adventure'/o ...2011.08.03 23:49:00
- No, you can only petition it to be removed. ...2011.07.30 13:38:00
- You are very right, obviously Eve/CCP took a turn where this is not the right game for me.And yes, I ...2011.07.30 13:28:00
- From the July 2011 Eve Online newsletter: 'To celebrate, we are rewarding all active EVE Online acc ...2011.07.30 10:35:00
- I agree with the OP. Pretty ridiculous indeed. Jita 4-4 should be a ginormous station with several u ...2011.07.25 21:26:00
- ... it's a space ship game after all, with space ships. ... also internet space ship science ficti ...2011.07.25 21:20:00
- Server population != SubscriptionsI guess that a lot of accounts (like mine) are not much relevant f ...2011.07.24 18:34:00
- A stuffy small room with a couch and a TV - OBVIOUSLY the first choice of any space ship multibillio ...2011.07.22 22:53:00
- Empyrean Age is a good read. I read it twice. I personally like the 'psionic' theme and find it fits ...2011.07.14 21:42:00
- A conversation I overheard in the CCP cantine:A > You know, in WoD we won't need a local chat, it do ...2011.07.12 13:36:00

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