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- I just bought a few monocles.You see me rollin' - you be hatin' ...2011.07.09 01:13:00
- Thanks for the clones, great service! ...2011.06.22 04:39:00
- Edited by: Connie Focal on 07/06/2011 08:09:14 I think a lot of people may be missing a key word on ...2011.06.07 11:36:00
- How will EVE be affected is Dust is a flop?You get to see CCP kick themselves in the asses for wasti ...2011.06.07 10:47:00
- Except CCP has said they would not let players create the content, having alluded to or even saying ...2011.05.29 00:30:00
- ... How does one get a job being a clothing designer for these clothes? I checked the CCP hiring p ...2011.05.28 23:21:00

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