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- Opening a cargo container requires no skills, no equipment. It is instant. It does not require a tar ...2011.07.28 10:22:00
- If the company you are dealing with doesn't have a 888/800 phone lines, or a poorly designed website ...2011.07.06 17:59:00
- Question - is it required / recommended to sign up to one of the militia before this event so you ca ...2011.06.30 11:20:00
- Important question - is it stuff, Stuff, stuff (tm) or some other market variant. Wants it? Check. G ...2011.06.30 11:11:00
- Surely EVE is more about learning to smuggle cheese through gatecamps ? :P And sheesh, you folks get ...2011.06.30 11:06:00
- Oddly enough, things like this are why I'm sticking around - besides not having explored a fraction ...2011.06.30 11:00:00
- Pretty good load of crying about safety from a guy who's spent the last fours hours in a wormhole, a ...2011.06.29 20:56:00
- Surely you're a big enough d*** already... ...2011.06.29 19:21:00
- It's worse enough that you have to deal with the rats in a asteroid belt, but also you worry about y ...2011.06.29 18:54:00
- it doesnt show for me with firefox 5.0but i pay via plex so maybe that is whyYa think? Buying a si ...2011.06.28 14:12:00
- "I don't want to play anymore so I'm going to make it so no-one else can play either" Grow up. ...2011.06.25 16:38:00
- Jita has its current maximum number capped and is not crashing.What's the problem?The 500 cans in sp ...2011.06.25 16:34:00
- You were warned, you did it anyway, you got temp banned. All well within the EULA that you agreed to ...2011.06.25 16:11:00
- Mostly silent red-flashy types, but had a quite friendly chat with their orca pilot whilst I was fly ...2011.06.21 01:02:00
- Or we could... ya know... all log in and actually TRY IT before passing judgement... ...2011.06.19 18:34:00

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