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- im quite sure a gm stated once that undocking and using this ships is seen as exploit, and may resul ...2011.08.26 17:38:00
- Edited by: Suppen Kasper on 26/08/2011 02:42:27 do kills get api verified after someone posts it ma ...2011.08.26 02:42:00
- does fetch from battleclinic ? and will the the api verified tag appear on ...2011.08.25 17:45:00
- ok SOMEONE pls explain me why ANYONE would pay a "security deposit" to a corp u want to join ? ...2011.08.19 10:13:00
- Edited by: Suppen Kasper on 19/08/2011 05:42:45 OP ALT DETECTEDi like ur tears :) u mad because afk ...2011.08.19 05:37:00
- epic troll thread 0/10 etcseriously... how is afk cloaking unethical ? u rant about "ethics" and s ...2011.08.19 05:33:00
- i think u guys arent aware of the amount of abc-ore u can get out of a wh... NOTHING... the grav sit ...2011.08.14 09:41:00
- LOL at all the guys not realising this is fake :D ...2011.08.01 08:59:00
- 4. Still wait 30 seconds to get into your new shipyeah right 30 seconds AFTER u actually get in stat ...2011.06.27 03:12:00

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