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- It is indeed extremely annoying, pls fix! ...2007.01.11 02:29:00
- Exchange rate is hovering at roughly 1.20 for a long time, our european taxes are also close to 20%. ...2007.01.11 02:27:00
- I'm interested in joining. I played for a few weeks last year and now decided to pick it up again. I ...2006.12.27 02:06:00
- They told me to close noobchat immidiatley upon joining, I don't realy know if it works and I don't ...2006.02.01 00:39:00
- Why in the f$%k does CCP never respond to these threads ? CWhy would they have to come out with a ...2006.02.01 00:37:00
- i wouldn't go outside if it's cold but yes try waiting watch some tv you realy want to go outside? u ...2006.02.01 00:33:00
- rofl awesome protrait why didn't you keep it like this? you would have the most famous portrait ever ...2006.02.01 00:32:00
- yesc:\Program Files\CCP\EVE\ ...2006.01.31 10:05:00
- Download resFace.stuff from his topic (one of his download sources). If necessary unzip the file. Th ...2006.01.30 20:33:00
- Ventrilo is way better then teamspeak, the only downside is that you'll have to pay for a server sin ...2006.01.29 15:01:00
- Find another computer, install EVE, login, create you account, logout, uninstall EVE, go back to you ...2006.01.27 02:09:00
- a radeon 9800 will be more then enough to boost your gaming experience to more then acceptable ...2006.01.27 02:07:00
- Edited by: Th0m4s on 26/01/2006 02:36:19 Edited by: Th0m4s on 26/01/2006 02:35:53 Get an AMD proce ...2006.01.26 02:35:00
- how can you change your picture ingame? ...2006.01.26 02:29:00

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