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- Verity Sovereign, cheers for your advice. Blasters do indeed beef up my Dps alot. Running with the s ...2011.09.09 04:37:00
- Edited by: Taur Ambraelle on 08/09/2011 20:47:33 Edited by: Taur Ambraelle on 08/09/2011 20:40:39 ...2011.09.08 20:35:00
- HiIm looking to build a Gallente BS for Incursion runs. I have one set up for level 4 runs but readi ...2011.09.08 20:30:00
- Post moved to the correct forum. Thanks for your advice Querelle d'allemand T ...2011.08.21 02:07:00
- Hi there. Im looking for an estimate of what this character is worth. Im going to sell him in arou ...2011.08.21 02:05:00
- Im thinking of selling this character in the next month or so. Any idea of whats its worth and shoul ...2011.08.21 00:10:00

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