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- Any PL guys/alts in here? Go do something useful with your super caps, guys ...2011.08.26 10:53:00
- Edited by: The Racketeer on 12/08/2011 20:30:22where is the nerf info? It's in the published "theory ...2011.08.12 21:05:00
- Or ban all ISK-farmers and RTMers. Although that would probably strike hard against some alliances ...2011.08.12 12:39:00
- Edited by: Plippy Ploppy Cheesenose on 12/08/2011 05:09:51 You didn't miss the upcoming supers nerf ...2011.08.12 05:07:00
- What is strange about having the forum in English. If half the threads/posts are (in random order) i ...2011.08.08 11:16:00
- Is there a table for how much you make out of the various moon mining processes? If the easy form ...2011.08.03 19:25:00
- And yes I know about paragraphs. Sometimes I forget when trying to include as much information as I ...2011.07.18 05:57:00
- A common method to avoid the thread getting read from the forum is to delete the title and re-save t ...2011.07.17 05:07:00
- There are these things called paragrahps. They make text easier to read.Like this. See, it's easy. ...2011.07.17 05:04:00
- What's the best distance to place a cyno relative to a station btw? If it's too close, I think the c ...2011.07.11 06:39:00
- ok thanks much as I figured then - good idea to light cyno after undock. I'll go try this on test s ...2011.07.10 14:04:00
- Got a capital that I have to move to some friendly space from low sec. Just to make completely sure ...2011.07.10 06:47:00
- I think OPs post shows a distinct lack of Irie. ...2011.06.30 04:10:00
- When I joined my first corp, I did look for what seemed a decent corp for 1-2 weeks talked to recrui ...2011.06.30 04:01:00
- Not to mention setting them WMSI ...2011.06.29 10:18:00

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