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- The problem is:If something is simpler and less versatile to use, more people use it better. If some ...2011.05.23 11:02:00
- They should put something like, first you dock, and while onboard the ship, use the same environment ...2011.05.23 10:43:00
- - As I posted before, choosing from "quick docking/undocking" or full process is plain unrealistic. ...2011.05.22 04:55:00
- I really thought that the main point of all this is to bring a new layer of reality to the Universe ...2011.05.21 19:54:00
- First of all, EVE is very friendly to multi account play. If you get graphics really low, you can us ...2011.05.20 08:30:00
- It is amazing how gathering intel in EVE is so much easier than hiding it. The game mechanics and fe ...2011.05.20 08:05:00
- I am not saying that all in EVE is a field of red roses at sunset in a spring day. Nor it will be at ...2011.04.13 13:13:00
- Some people claim to know about programming and computing, but in their argument they have a simple ...2011.04.12 13:42:00
- There is a simple solution: Go play browser games, quick downloads, crappy graphics and added to gl ...2011.04.07 05:01:00
- Eletronic warfare seems to be an issue when people try to understand it, so it isnt worth answer a c ...2011.04.07 04:57:00
- It is odd that when you buy a car, a washing machine, even a simple battery, all of them comes with ...2011.04.07 00:31:00

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