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- No.Have no intention of bothering with any of it. ...2011.09.04 18:10:00
- Supported ...2011.09.03 10:03:00
- Eve University is an option, as are corporations that accept new players. With patience, you should ...2011.09.01 16:19:00
- Wait! Wait! I have it! I have the answer!!!!To entice new pilots to Null-Sec, the fashionable new ou ...2011.08.26 00:14:00
- Let's Go ! FOR THE WIN! ...2011.08.26 00:08:00
- A different character of mine mined in w-space as often as we were lucky enough to get a grav site o ...2011.08.25 20:09:00
- Edited by: Nicolo da''Vicenza on 24/08/2011 06:06:17Sorry, but no deal. I will NOT become a 3rd cla ...2011.08.24 06:46:00
- True, that's why removing NPC corps (and fixing the broken wardec system) is a good idea as it allow ...2011.08.24 05:55:00
- I just recently moved my corp down to null with abuddy of mine and it has ****ing SUCKED so far. No ...2011.08.23 22:07:00
- There is already a "smallholding" set-up in Eve... It's called Wormholes. The reason it works is t ...2011.08.23 22:01:00
- How to move players into null-sec?You can't..... deal with it.No matter how much ISK 0.0 may generat ...2011.08.23 21:29:00
- Move to Null, become nameless nobody in the ISK printing machine, declare yourself important. Game O ...2011.08.23 21:22:00
- Ever since I started the game, all I've heard about is how great null sec is. Can't be arsed myself ...2011.08.23 21:18:00
- The hardware can handle lots of people doing things on different 'grids' much easier than it can the ...2011.08.23 17:42:00
- - Hangar before CQ - CQ fully optional ...2011.08.23 17:32:00

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