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- Edited by: Zoggin on 28/04/2011 15:52:57 in spite of all the shooting that did go on, truth told, ...2011.04.28 15:52:00
- This is just stupidIf a certain layout works, then you use it!Dont see car companies complaining abo ...2011.04.19 16:38:00
- wow what a rubbish filmI know its a sequel, so usually I set my standards low, but not low enough... ...2011.04.16 18:31:00
- if this is what I think it is then this is bad..Iceland owe money, they should pay up... ...2011.04.14 13:13:00
- yes I do feel better! :)seriously I do not get the point of those post, it ruins the forums and real ...2011.04.12 15:53:00
- I have been banned from another forum..It seems for one minor thing I got a pernament ban, via IPnow ...2011.04.12 15:49:00
- see thing is, why do you waste your time in these forums, wasting bandwith spewing your rubbish all ...2011.04.12 15:38:00
- god sake, you whiners, all of you..if you don't like eve anymore, or the direction it is going in et ...2011.04.12 15:24:00
- 1 bil to start ya off ...2011.04.02 07:34:00
- BINGO!!!! nice one, thanks for that ...2011.04.01 18:20:00
- Knife in the dark has it in it, but too higher pitch ...2011.04.01 13:13:00
- I know this likely wont help but the tune is very low deep sound...Da da daaaaa dum dum dum... ...2011.04.01 12:56:00
- no much louder Deep drums sounds, I think in the battle for Minas Tirith, when the evil armies are ...2011.04.01 12:51:00
- wait is this an MMO? I thought it was like single player but with option of multiplayer, like Galciv ...2011.04.01 11:09:00
- ok there is this tune in lord of the rings..only way I can descirbe it, is that it seems to be mostl ...2011.04.01 11:06:00

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