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- Women's clothing is always more expensive for similar items, go look at any store other than Chinama ...2011.07.04 04:32:00
- ... boils down to this: Not all of us want to dress sexy.The men's "Precision" boots look cool. I w ...2011.07.04 04:14:00
- Spamming cans on a gate has been deemed an exploit for a very long time.Posting text in local has no ...2011.06.23 18:12:00
- Edited by: Gabriel Grimoire on 23/06/2011 03:22:11 Quite honestly, if this little turd Guard was on ...2011.06.23 03:40:00
- Sorry, but get over it."OMG the monocle is expensive!"So don't bloody buy one. In-game effect: ZERO ...2011.06.23 03:38:00
- Curious.My drones are shredding things. T1 Caldari drones - are other people using T2? Maybe T2 dr ...2011.06.22 05:02:00
- It's different.That's pretty much it, I think. ...2011.06.22 05:00:00
- Also like it... But its annoying that they didn't just wait until the cq's for each race were comple ...2011.06.22 04:43:00
- The mirror is actually a trick. It's not reflecting anything. It's just a hole in the wall with the ...2011.06.22 04:33:00
- I wanted to hate Incarna. My first reaction, when it was announced, was: "I hope it's optional. I p ...2011.06.22 04:20:00
- To add, though: Drake is very much correct that sublight speed is vastly more important than align t ...2011.06.18 06:25:00
- If you want something cheaper and more low-skill than the Claw, you could try an Atron. Not quite a ...2011.06.18 06:23:00
- Edited by: Ruri Mizushisi on 15/06/2011 06:55:02 In similar vein, J Random, I wouldn't want to do a ...2011.06.15 06:55:00
- I really don't get why this would be trolling, seriously. Most of the missiles discussions I could ...2011.06.15 04:23:00
- Not sure if trolling . . .Step 1: In space, show info on ship, go to the modules tab, scroll down ti ...2011.06.14 09:00:00

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