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- +1 for being awsome.And for having a double post about the POS issue in a topic dedicated to getting ...2011.04.02 06:15:00
- Your math is right but consider all the items to close distance. Take a bit of very simple strategy ...2011.04.02 06:10:00
- Supported.This should have been done 30 months ago but it died. ...2011.04.02 06:01:00
- Supported.At the same time I dont think CCP will push the 6 month expantion to 9 because its on the ...2011.04.02 05:55:00
- I would also point out that a very petty player could play the market with such a rule. For example: ...2011.04.02 05:47:00
- I think its a great idea. It could save you from having to upgrade your clone and maybe keep you fro ...2011.04.02 05:35:00
- For those of you that dont know the concept that EVE is a sandbox is a lie. This is a quote from one ...2011.04.02 05:31:00

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