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- im never going to get married :D ...2006.01.20 00:15:00
- LOL anyway turns out we have pre-paid time crads so i can play the game here but who cares EVE all ...2006.01.19 23:55:00
- ok thanks for the [email protected] Grimwalius d'Antan dont worry we have good relations with the U.S they hav ...2006.01.18 02:51:00
- Edited by: sliver2snake on 17/01/2006 20:02:13 :pi was asking because on there site when i try to c ...2006.01.17 20:00:00
- wow.....sorry ...2006.01.17 19:44:00
- i was just wondering can you play world of warcraft if you live in the middle east ? ...2006.01.17 19:13:00
- hi i really want to join your corp it sounds very cool but i dont have team speak hop you well still ...2006.01.17 18:30:00
- sounds like a very nice corp hop i can join. playing for 4 days just subscribed today after four d ...2006.01.15 15:35:00

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