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- miz, d u want some of my hair? 7/10 ...2011.05.08 11:23:00
- /me wants free stuff :D ...2011.05.08 11:21:00
- i need this picture to look more psychopathici'd propose a kitten in the left hand (the one on the b ...2011.04.22 07:44:00
- Edited by: Vicious War**** on 13/04/2011 20:26:29 So... you hate shieldtanking and you are Caldari? ...2011.04.13 20:26:00
- i don't like lasers aswell ...2011.04.13 19:43:00
- Edited by: Malema on 13/04/2011 17:51:15 Unless people are running some weird fits I don't know abo ...2011.04.13 19:20:00
- i'm looking for a good fit for the typhoon. is it possible to tank it allround? then i mean, surviva ...2011.04.13 17:38:00
- i support this aswell ^^ ...2011.04.12 17:19:00
- damn, they think faster than i do forgive me for being blonde ...2011.04.11 17:08:00
- i don't know about anyone else, but personally i like making an avatar, and i would like it if it wo ...2011.04.11 16:22:00
- As far as the game mechanics go there are no repercussions for shooting corp members ships or pods. ...2011.03.26 21:18:00
- the actual hulk-kills should count imo.... not the pods that way, much more ships would get destroye ...2011.03.09 22:29:00
- it should only load when the name of the character is clicked imo... ...2011.03.09 18:52:00
- what a **** for not being original i feel offended ...2011.03.08 22:29:00
- but a guy just sent me a loveletter and ive never talked to him beforei thought it was pretty hilari ...2011.03.06 23:38:00

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