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- think team fortress... think hats... ccp wants a piece of that ...2011.08.30 05:40:00
- recived reply to latest bug report about this, result: Could not reproduce.smar hitng last time and ...2011.08.29 16:20:00
- yeah I got to admit, after watching those videos, the issue is very clear... CCP do something!!! ...2011.08.29 02:35:00
- Yup. UI is less responsive since Incarna. Also when it comes to activating a salvager shortly after ...2011.08.11 02:17:00
- CCP fix this god damn it... or at least come with a statement that your aware of it and will lool in ...2011.08.09 23:06:00
- Edited by: Mufa Jaynara on 30/06/2011 01:35:19 To increase the amount of LP awarded you need to tra ...2011.06.30 01:35:00
- But it does basicly give more LP? when the effective quality of the agent is higher? ...2011.06.29 04:44:00
- So recently when agents got buffed, basicly making them all quality 20... I am wondering if the Nego ...2011.06.29 02:15:00
- Edited by: Mufa Jaynara on 29/06/2011 02:12:56 Edited by: Mufa Jaynara on 29/06/2011 01:13:51 So r ...2011.06.29 01:10:00
- If you give him time to scan out the mission your in, he will go to it and wait there for you if you ...2011.06.27 23:10:00
- Torfi, I have always like you when I saw you in EVE videos, but I never liked Hilmar... I believe Hi ...2011.06.26 22:37:00
- It's actually not wrong, these numbers, the only thing he did not count in was dividing by the numbe ...2011.06.23 02:03:00
- The problem is basicly for all those who don't have a PS3... it's bad enough it's not on the PC... ...2011.06.07 03:31:00
- Simply... change so you can warp to anything on grid... from any distance (with some limitations)the ...2011.05.22 09:58:00
- I for one liked your videos... So you managed to hotdrop the same guy, twice... in a cynabal? twice ...2011.05.16 21:51:00

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