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- Because somebody had to.... ...2011.08.02 23:43:00
- I'll start off by saying I'm not a fan of "gold ammo" concepts and their ilk, but if you think CCP i ...2011.08.02 00:14:00
- You think you don't have to fly them, but guess what. Every time you land in a station in your pod, ...2011.07.29 21:56:00
- I'm pretty sure when they add station environments you will be able to interact with other capsuleer ...2011.07.28 05:01:00
- It wont make me spend anything, apart from spending any Aur I get for free on vanity stuff.If it can ...2011.07.27 22:31:00
- Edited by: Bunnyy Lebowski on 27/07/2011 22:28:13 If i clench real tight i'll make it through this ...2011.07.27 22:28:00
- my stuff...I can has?4 drakes to you :) My parting gift. As someone said I may be back and I hate g ...2011.07.26 10:36:00
- I'm just gonna leave this right here.... I WAS THERE... ...2011.07.26 00:19:00
- Does your roommate have a car?Do you see what happens Larry. Do you see what happens when you a str ...2011.07.26 00:15:00
- Edited by: Bunnyy Lebowski on 20/07/2011 11:33:52 Gimme the cash! 7/10 ...2011.07.20 11:34:00
- Edited by: Frankie Oschooll on 16/07/2011 21:33:39 Hi :( can i ask whats wrong last month whith C ...2011.07.16 21:38:00
- That's a shame, it proly costs more than the last thing you bought for your GF too.PWNT ...2011.07.16 12:15:00
- Unfortunately, you are not even shining by comparison here. You are simply reducing yourself in a w ...2011.07.15 02:21:00
- Lord knows, they're not the sharpest tools in the shed. Maybe they're finally ready to listen to the ...2011.07.15 01:45:00
- Did somebody forget to give the hamster his meth injection today or what ...2011.07.13 22:18:00

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