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- Only people who vote in the election have a right to ***** about EvE on the forums. That's why i v ...2011.03.12 10:59:00
- Edited by: 4C 4F 5645 on 11/03/2011 17:26:22It's almost as if they are laughing at me. Yes they are ...2011.03.11 17:25:00
- Uh they just announced on AlJazeera that some nuclear reactor was damaged and is malfunctioning ...2011.03.11 10:58:00
- I don't support it. The fact that there is a lot of potential sideways training is what makes it s ...2011.03.10 16:33:00
- People who say "bots can't be found" don't know what they're saying. The CCP client could very well ...2011.03.08 06:53:00
- While i am worried about the state of development for Incarna i disagree with the CSM on the integra ...2011.03.07 20:17:00
- Trebor is one of the few real competitors for the csm chairman mao post that's why. ...2011.03.07 03:58:00
- too bad there's no cloaky problem then ...2011.03.06 11:20:00
- Oh no EvE's customer service has improved from when it took many weeks to get an answer to a petitio ...2011.03.06 06:19:00
- Drop your mining/industry characters to the NPC corp while the wardec lasts, use your other ones to ...2011.03.05 17:42:00
- EvE is a sandbox game therefore i expect the exotic dancers in my Captain's Quarters to be players. ...2011.03.04 16:37:00
- Edited by: 4C 4F 5645 on 04/03/2011 16:13:56 It's a horrible ideea, there should never be instances ...2011.03.04 16:13:00
- I've seen CCP dev posts stating that originally it was intended for all 4 major pirate factions to m ...2011.03.04 04:42:00
- They're just forums you rusty bastards. WAH WAH CHANGE IN MY EVEThey have a post new thread button ...2011.03.01 16:20:00
- Do you guys even realise that the main issues CSM6 will be called to give feedback on are going to b ...2011.02.27 20:34:00

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