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- I would guess most people having difficulties accessing should consider updating their ...2011.07.26 20:27:00
- So the first item for sharing is unlocked. When will the players get these AUR? When the contest for ...2011.07.26 18:06:00
- Well, the funny thing about laptops is, when you have one thats made for office and some games do ru ...2011.07.26 10:14:00
- I'm sure this should work, since I didn't need to install anything of eve when I reinstalled my OS a ...2011.07.25 10:54:00
- I think this should run it pretty well, and Incarna too. Your choice of a grafics card is good, sin ...2011.07.25 10:46:00
- Ok people, i've learned my lesson.When I'm interested in talking about stuff seriously, these forums ...2011.07.24 16:47:00
- You've just wasted a GM's time for which could have been better used answering more crucial petition ...2011.07.24 16:44:00
- Edited by: Ravior Letam on 24/07/2011 16:38:421: Read the EULA you agreed to.2: Stop embarrassing ...2011.07.24 16:37:00
- Edited by: Ravior Letam on 24/07/2011 16:35:29 1. don't post chat logs with GMs2. If eve is down fo ...2011.07.24 16:31:00
- Do what everyone else does post all GM correspondence off forums where they can't just delete it.Sor ...2011.07.24 16:27:00
- Ravior Letam,61,71,150,166,131 ...2011.07.24 12:01:00
- Edited by: Ravior Letam on 24/07/2011 11:31:01 If you haven't realised where CCP's stance is toward ...2011.07.24 11:28:00
- After that, the petition was closed without any further asking from the operator like I was used to ...2011.07.24 08:16:00
- Hey forum,I just wanted to find out what the CCP staff at Fanfest meant when they said "We love the ...2011.07.24 08:13:00
- I like it as well.Shouldn't be too hard to implement as well. ...2011.07.04 11:33:00

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