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- hmm, Evemon shows the werver is on with around 4000 players online. Yet I have the Status: Unknown m ...2011.07.05 12:30:00
- Question for the showWere any issues raised in CCPs recent financial summary raised?i.e. investments ...2011.07.02 01:29:00
- Edited by: Jita Denson on 02/07/2011 00:16:14 I don't seem to have a choice in leaving things alone ...2011.07.02 00:12:00
- Edited by: Jita Denson on 30/06/2011 15:18:14 Thank you very much for your input.Just as an aside I ...2011.06.30 15:08:00
- I have set up in what was a nice and quiet C1 wormhole for the first time a few weeks ago.Being a he ...2011.06.30 08:09:00
- I couldn't agree more. ...2011.06.26 18:01:00
- Oh FFS. ...2011.06.26 17:56:00
- Edited by: Jita Denson on 26/06/2011 17:53:55 @CCP_Fallouti can confirm that SOE has not purchased, ...2011.06.26 17:53:00
- Oh lookie lookie, the old blog stickie has dissapeared ...2011.06.26 14:45:00
- Tweeted by @ArnarHrafn a few mins ago....writing another blog, now with 100% more love in it #eveonl ...2011.06.26 14:14:00
- writing another blog, now with 100% more love in it #eveonline #tweetfleet ...2011.06.26 14:10:00
- More importantly where is the blog stating they WONT. They have had all this time to answer this one ...2011.06.25 13:52:00
- Excellent advise Stitcher. I shall follow it I think.I am not a forum poster as a rule, but I felt I ...2011.06.25 13:20:00
- And where is the blog that shows that you will be able to buy SP with Aurum? ...2011.06.25 13:16:00
- Totaly agree that last nights blog was insulting to say the least. ...2011.06.25 13:13:00

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