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- Making Incarna non optional made me not resub my accounts.Dont ask for stuff, maybe the developpers ...2011.06.14 16:57:00
- Still a black desktop ever since incarna 1.0 "update" when you alt tab or when you log off.Care to f ...2011.06.13 10:50:00
- I got practially every bug that's mentioned.Finally able to play after patching, now i cant use 2 cl ...2011.06.01 20:56:00
- Dont waste your time in a -0,4 system.Nomatter how much you upgrade your system, you wont get a sanc ...2011.04.30 00:19:00
- According to dotlan maps... Dark-rising ... 0 system ...2011.04.01 22:30:00
- Scary, that the best dev. blog with the most thoughout content and coherent changes is an april fool ...2011.04.01 22:25:00

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