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- I should post links to the killmails so ya can see how they kept podding me ...2011.02.16 03:02:00
- The first time I got killed in PVP was way back in 2005 when I started my first paid for account. I' ...2011.02.16 02:17:00
- Do it now ...2011.02.16 02:11:00
- also, have the 'Fast Talk' skill trainedFast Talk 4, 3-4 systems in rotation, proper strategy/setup/ ...2011.02.16 02:09:00
- Show me on the dollie...where the bad botter touched you ...2011.02.16 02:07:00
- Goons, hmm, rings a bell. Now, where have I seen that name before.Oh yeah, I was shooting at their u ...2011.02.16 02:03:00
- -2/10I don't care what ya think of what they did, this just proves that more stupid exist then I gav ...2011.02.15 22:46:00
- So, I just recently figured out that those who serve in Goonswarm Federation are lying backstabbers! ...2011.02.15 22:34:00

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