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- Edited by: Aurora Fire on 04/07/2011 19:39:58 Yeah, happens a lot when mining straight in to Orca. ...2011.07.04 19:01:00
- Still no clear answer, still -2. Will be logging in until current sub runs out just to talk to som ...2011.07.03 00:19:00
- It is there to let You know that You have obtained one of few very important certificates. ...2011.06.30 18:27:00
- 2 accounts running out in 17 days, Not going to pay anymore unless we are given answers. ...2011.06.25 09:38:00
- 99 and you'll get it back ...2011.06.22 21:09:00
- EVE is rated "T" but because it is only playable online it carries label "Online Interactions Not Ra ...2011.06.12 17:27:00
- Edited by: Aurora Fire on 01/06/2011 21:11:25 Traceback (most recent call last): File "SisiLaunc ...2011.06.01 21:11:00
- Cloaking taken to next levelHappens every time i load the game. After undocking -> docking only fore ...2011.05.30 21:34:00
- Edited by: ceaon on 25/05/2011 19:28:29 Could that be classed as client modification? no i dint di ...2011.05.25 19:37:00
- Simple check box: Dock and stay in hangar. Dock and go have a drink. Life would be so much better ...2011.05.25 19:21:00
- Got it done to 20% in 30 minutes and got slap in the face with: This survey has been completed from ...2011.05.19 19:05:00
- Can You post q&a here? I will answer on paper and send pigeon to deliver it. ...2011.05.19 18:46:00
- Had the same thing some time ago. Timer showed up and stayed there counting the time all over again, ...2011.04.18 21:26:00
- I'm pretty sure that You did not found the drone because it self-destructed as it supposed to do. Th ...2011.04.18 21:10:00
- Supporting this with my whole heart ... but i am a realist and i know that CCP don't and will not gi ...2011.04.10 19:39:00

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