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- Nice, good to know - I will have to refit my ships & give it a try, but I still don't think a no tan ...2011.09.07 03:26:00
- T2 tachyons indeed do more dps, but they are cap hungry. For implants you could : Slot 6 > cap rec ...2011.07.21 13:50:00
- Imperial navy heat sinks are going for 52m on contracts in Jita right now; would you be willing to s ...2011.07.17 12:12:00
- Edited by: Nuneval on 13/06/2011 02:53:42 Caldari Navy Heavy Missile Launcher - 45 mill - have 4 av ...2011.06.13 02:53:00
- Drones are too slow as they need to fly to the targets first.Warriors II = 9000 m/s. Drones will aut ...2011.06.07 17:12:00
- Edited by: Nuneval on 29/05/2011 04:23:26 I'll take the paladin in Jita. ...2011.05.29 04:23:00
- Thanks for the informative replies ...2011.05.27 17:36:00
- Imperial Navy Tachyon Beam Laser 70mDo you still have these? I'll take 4 for 280m if you do. ...2011.05.26 01:53:00
- My mom wakes me up and the computer turns itself on It would be nice to have a computer turn on at a ...2011.05.26 01:21:00
- How did you get online? How did you find this game? How did you find the forum? How the hell do you ...2011.05.26 00:40:00
- dude, buy mine: awesomeI'm prett ...2011.05.25 20:59:00
- I have heard that prices on many items declines during the summer due to a lower active population. ...2011.05.25 20:45:00
- Could you please post fit + quote for paladin please? Also, could you kindly check how many jumps fr ...2011.05.20 01:52:00
- Just because the volume may fit that doesn't mean the dimensions do. Something may have a volume of ...2011.05.10 16:07:00
- Rumors indicate that there might be a slight possibility that the loot tables for certain faction mo ...2011.05.06 13:56:00

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