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- I think your kb link is borked.In anycase, I loled. You should have seen the smart bombing megathron ...2011.08.17 17:10:00
- If not accepted yet, contact me in game with Region/System and location of object to be removed. Ple ...2011.08.17 17:02:00
- I bought this char with ISK. I'm a total noob. I fail at spaceships but I would not have failed at b ...2011.07.31 04:04:00
- You spelled Coffee wrong :DAnd you know maybe some of us are fashion pirates ya lazy git.You isk pir ...2011.07.31 01:42:00
- I read this and said to myself "Hmm someone is trying to troll." Then I read all the replies and alt ...2011.07.30 20:05:00
- With the inroduction of Aur as an in game currency and the future potential of it being tradeable I ...2011.07.30 19:39:00

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