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- do it yourself. the people pretending to be mercs for hire are actually worse at the game than you a ...2011.02.28 04:53:00
- As the only staff for Hulkageddon who is awake at the moment (Okay..I am the only staff that Hulkage ...2011.02.28 04:50:00
- who wants a fail corpse anywyas ...2011.02.27 23:20:00
- how is anybody supposed to read stuff on a griefwatch killboardouch ...2011.02.27 06:32:00
- as long as you can fly a drake, fit an spr and use a named heavy missile launcherThe Space P0lice al ...2011.02.27 05:54:00
- dont worry bro.. or bro-etti am here to save c and p from the terribles. i have a thread or two line ...2011.02.27 05:02:00
- 1) The only way to submit kills is by giving the board your apihelicity killed the event with this ...2011.02.27 05:00:00
- while slighly more active than most by having a grand total of 3 people with more than 20 kills in a ...2011.02.27 04:58:00
- this is how good at the game spruillo ishire at your own risk ...2011.02.27 04:55:00
- polish your language skills and train like three neutral rep alts and an orca altpresto, instant sta ...2011.02.27 01:54:00
- Well i wouldnt cane the guy for doing some solo investigations. As for not damaging the game, If bla ...2011.02.27 01:01:00
- Edited by: NightmareX on 25/02/2011 17:45:06 we pretty much just keep nightmare around so we can sc ...2011.02.26 04:28:00
- Is this the one in eifer? I saw it, but decided it had to be bait, because nobody is that stupid, b ...2011.02.25 18:16:00
- For the love of all that is holy, PLEASE keep insulting Istvaan. The ramifications thereof will be h ...2011.02.25 08:13:00
- dont kill your alts like that bro ...2011.02.25 05:36:00

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