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- This is a great link for t1 ...2011.05.24 10:45:00
- I am sure I will be opening up a crap storm here but was hoping to get everyone's input on the best ...2011.05.12 21:44:00
- When your wardec target offers you twice as much you agree and take the isk from them and continue w ...2011.05.02 10:27:00
- And how would I go about fitting a Vigil in such a manner good sir? ...2011.03.17 11:04:00
- Another noob interested in ninja salvage got one question. Why the Vigil for ninja salvaging? What ...2011.03.14 10:41:00
- I appreciate everything that you say about dueling and I believe that to be true. However I am not ...2011.02.09 11:34:00
- Alright I'm a noob wanting to make a noob 1v1 cruiser. I haven't been able to find anything digging ...2011.02.08 11:05:00

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