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- CCP feel that it is more important to make dress up barbie dolls and release more virtual clothing ...2011.08.02 19:12:00
- Edited by: Cipher Jones on 25/07/2011 19:41:56 Edited by: G 0 D on 25/07/2011 18:09:02 I understan ...2011.07.25 20:15:00
- Edited by: G 0 D on 25/07/2011 18:09:02 I understand this well. I also understand CCP's CEO stated ...2011.07.25 18:08:00
- Just so you know constantly posting bad **** about this game will turn new players away. I have t ...2011.07.25 17:55:00
- Edited by: G 0 D on 25/07/2011 16:36:34 well you can join me and the droves of now burnt (we alread ...2011.07.25 16:36:00
- Edited by: G 0 D on 25/07/2011 16:33:57 @ the OP.I am a new wow/rift/sc2/eq1-2/ffxi refuge and I fr ...2011.07.25 16:34:00
- Just be patient.I attended FF '07.What looked like heavy production of Ambulation complete with exte ...2011.07.24 21:03:00
- For those that have not seen this: Stats on account activity by;dr - uses rolling aver ...2011.07.24 20:53:00
- how about no,how about you risk what u carry like the REST of game,don't fly what u cant afford to ...2011.07.24 09:47:00
- It's just general change in direction of CCP's thinking, from making EVE the best virtual world it ...2011.07.24 09:44:00
- I have not seen a population drop.I have.Good link, thanks for adding it to this thread. ...2011.07.24 09:40:00
- I find the "I was there" trailer to be embarrassing, don't want to admit I have anything to do wit ...2011.07.24 09:38:00
- I find it interesting that the server population has actually gone down since the Incarna expansio ...2011.07.23 20:02:00
- -awaiting CCP response-. I bet they will announce the new expansion will add 1000's of virtual cloth ...2011.07.23 19:52:00
- I can't imagine ever wanting to go anywhere near anything with the CCP brand name again.+1 ...2011.07.23 19:48:00

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