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- X, this thing sucks ...2011.06.24 04:01:00
- CCP Sreggs: Any word on when we get your blog on the anti-bot effort? ...2011.05.06 15:24:00
- Totally hate macros and report them when I can convince myself that that's what they are; however... ...2011.04.24 23:12:00
- lol worthy melt down (cause theres only 9000 bots in the game)LinkyPay attention to the math thats t ...2011.04.19 04:06:00
- Hey, did I miss the (much anticipated) dev blog on this subject? I suppose after tragically failing ...2011.04.16 20:39:00
- I would say there is a pretty clear connection between the new EVE forums (as well as others) having ...2011.04.12 02:09:00
- Bump ...2011.04.04 13:00:00
- Posted from alt.Combat based pilot with moderate PvP experience looking to find out more about FW fo ...2011.04.04 02:51:00
- Edited by: Paul Mustaka Hekard on 03/04/2011 20:36:28 Corporations of any size develop and maintain ...2011.04.03 20:35:00
- Reports from the field only go so far. It is difficult for players to see the impacts, even if they ...2011.04.02 14:46:00
- Saw a significant number of my usual courier bots in Kronsur go off-line over the last 3 days (plus ...2011.04.01 15:56:00
- Primarily courier with one miner. As I mentioned, it remains to be seen if they will return (and I ...2011.04.01 13:25:00
- Well,Sreegs and Claudio seem to be hard at work. Of the Bots I have been following, about 70% are c ...2011.04.01 05:51:00
- Watched the video. I now believe that you have a sound approach to approaching this issue. Althoug ...2011.03.29 03:14:00
- Edited by: Paul Mustaka Hekard on 28/03/2011 00:05:14 Reported a macro hauler and got an odd respon ...2011.03.27 23:52:00

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