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- Edited by: tikktokk tokkzikk on 20/08/2011 19:18:51 lol good luck! ...2011.08.20 19:19:00
- Case in point would be Shield fleets versus Armor fleets. If you can solve the problem of mixing ...2011.08.18 08:55:00
- YOU ARE MEAN!That is why I and my alt will vote for you in CSM7. Gime moar pliz? ...2011.08.15 21:13:00
- Great read! Can I haz moar pliz? I really like the connection to spaceshipz and had a great laugh! ...2011.08.15 12:11:00
- You better be an alt. else you just got red to 1/4 of eve ...2011.08.13 15:25:00
- -signed (whatever that is worth) ...2011.08.13 15:01:00
- I warped to gate but couldent warp for like 5 seconds... the stupid sabre that was camping got all t ...2011.08.12 14:50:00
- I made a reinburstment petition and expected to wait 2-3 weeks for an "Our logs show nothing." respo ...2011.08.12 13:25:00
- /signedPS. This is my alt ...2011.08.02 20:32:00
- I like the current way rigs work.but your second post sounds interesting but how will penalties work ...2011.08.02 19:38:00
- How much is a C3 wormhole worth?Almost empty! 1 minmatar POS (w/o force field) owned by a 4 man cor ...2011.08.02 18:50:00
- So curse for ship depending on cap an cynabal for everything else?Would a cynabal be able to kill a ...2011.08.01 17:44:00
- dramiel -> cynabal -> machariel is thet way to go! thanks for the input guys!one last thing tho, how ...2011.07.31 18:18:00
- Vagabond/Cynabal seem to fit your bill, fast with heavy dps, and gtfo factor if local blooms.Cool! S ...2011.07.31 14:59:00
- I need something that is fast and can relialy kill a battleship and/or battlecruiser.I thought about ...2011.07.31 13:30:00

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