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- don't take my SB i use them for some high sec plex :)works very good against some of the drone plexe ...2011.04.21 07:23:00
- Edited by: bartos102 on 20/04/2011 21:22:31 zuluzuludid anyone bother to look at the date of that d ...2011.04.20 21:22:00
- i wouldn't say 4 regions i would go every system within X jumpsthat makes more sense ...2011.04.12 12:14:00
- only if it works for normal dronesno fighter/FBbut i would love to have some on my ratting domi :D ...2011.04.12 12:06:00
- I've seen drone anoms in gurista 0.0 as wellbut that was before the patchnot sure why or if it is a ...2011.04.07 09:41:00
- as far as i understand the patch notes they will only activate the changes somewhere in the next wee ...2011.04.07 09:39:00
- too bad eve can't make use of multicore processors :( ...2011.04.06 18:12:00
- i never flown a BO myself but i was fuele supply in a crane on a covert roam oncewe had to take a ga ...2011.04.04 22:02:00
- if you use sentry's on a carrier make sure you have good Intel about incoming red'sit's easier to us ...2011.04.01 09:36:00
- a cheap way to repair your armor is to get an armor rep when you get hit in armor just fit it and re ...2011.04.01 08:45:00
- you can put up damaged crystals on contractthe contract shows the % of damage to the cristals tho so ...2011.04.01 08:27:00
- manufacturing alts for mass production :)very handy in cap construction ...2011.03.28 10:33:00
- just give fighter bombers the same restriction as the titan DD as you can not DD structuresa mom sho ...2011.03.15 09:29:00
- not long ago i had a sudden idea to a possible counter to SC with the help of dreadswhat if the sieg ...2011.03.10 21:15:00
- did anyone think about what damage a freighter would do if you fill it with ammo and SD it ? ...2011.03.10 12:39:00

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