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- "Hai, guys. My obvious investing shill toons are 'dropping out' so I can grind some more rep or ste ...2011.09.07 15:58:00
- Finally, something tangible from VV that I can sink my teeth into.OMNOMNOM ...2011.09.07 15:08:00
- To trade at reasonable profits in jita I would reccomend accounting + broker relations 5 plus alot o ...2011.09.06 19:54:00
- Very well argued, and you've said nothing that I would fundamentally disagree with.I have always mai ...2011.09.06 16:31:00
- @RawA the universalised claim that MD investing as a whole is valueless.That was n ...2011.09.06 15:31:00
- Edited by: Elise DarkStar on 06/09/2011 14:40:12 Actually, my core argument, which I never fully la ...2011.09.06 14:26:00
- Oh ****...this has gotten really big...Just from glancing over the bulk of your initial new response ...2011.09.06 13:36:00
- Atima Minmatar House of Marbles Posted - 2011.09.05 19:05:00 - - Quote Report Brock Nelson P ...2011.09.05 19:09:00
- Scam ...2011.09.05 18:56:00
- I assume that last statement is a comment on your own post--a self referential rant full of sophisti ...2011.09.04 16:13:00
- @EliseReply in whatever timeframe and to whatever degree is convenient for you. Just as a little sum ...2011.09.04 16:09:00
- It is not the venue that is relevant. It is the honing of the mind. No matter what you are engaged i ...2011.09.04 01:32:00
- And of course you have divine rights to discern what's "intellectual authority" vs what you believe ...2011.09.04 01:17:00
- Yet you **** on whatever is not YOUR self approved world and indeed my classification in two categor ...2011.09.04 01:00:00
- stuffPlease describe another way to evaluate the claim besides comparing the 4 relevant factors.What ...2011.09.04 00:01:00

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