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- aquire 0.0 space Farm your ressources with bots or a really big army of honest miners(hundreds of t ...2011.02.18 14:56:00
- ITS NOT ABOUT RMT in first place. RMT is only the tip of the iceberg. RMT is more important for CCp ...2011.02.16 22:47:00
- How is your view on macros and bots? ...2011.02.14 20:44:00
- Totall bull****. There are enough players who do mine. Enough players who do rat. And there would be ...2011.02.14 18:18:00
- We’re currently putting together more information on our efforts to fight RMT and we will make that ...2011.02.14 18:05:00
- the only sure way to make a dent in botting is to remove the alliances that patron them; however wit ...2011.02.14 00:53:00
- Look what 1 player did without CCP Help > ...2011.02.13 22:22:00
- Good Idea.Please give short instruction what to do from zero. ...2011.02.13 22:20:00
- Nobody seems to mind there is ZERO proof macroland exists. If it there was proof CCP would have fixe ...2011.02.13 19:33:00
- The problem, and I'm sure CCP knows this, is that about between 75 and 90% of all miners are bots. ...2011.02.13 16:46:00
- Well, it is a day later and i am over the shock of losing a hulk.The whole point of the QQ was just ...2011.02.13 16:26:00
- KILL THEM! REPORT THEM! PETITION THEM!It works ^^3 bots banned! Clearly identified. Possibly no perm ...2011.02.08 22:54:00
- Edited by: Eden Love on 07/02/2011 19:22:29 Maybe they really did soemthing against the Bots/Macros ...2011.02.07 19:22:00
- I don't mine so if I'm off base, excuse me, but do normal players mine 23.5/7? It would seem to me t ...2011.02.07 19:19:00
- I would if it would exclude bots and macros ...2011.02.07 19:13:00

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