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- Players should be drawn to nulsec to have fun. Not to be rich. Also do not underestimate the players ...2011.08.22 22:21:00
- I like to wish the CSM and CCP goodluck.. Atleast the honest ones And thanks Zoolkhan for that mos ...2011.06.29 14:11:00
- When having written a mail and selecting the to button, normally after having typed some letters y ...2011.06.27 17:35:00
- Why you acting like the nihilists in the big lebowski ccp?With the new turrets being the dudes car h ...2011.06.25 19:36:00
- Already mentioned before.Autolinking is broken since it will include the space after the doubleclick ...2011.06.24 20:56:00
- I like the idea of items used in walking in stations to be sold by players on a marketplace for isk. ...2011.06.02 00:22:00
- Captains quarters is looking really nice but i fear performance will be bad on low-end pc's and/or l ...2011.05.26 13:24:00
- When chilling in my captain's quarters i want a window that will show me a counter till next storyli ...2011.04.13 22:21:00
- As for ECCM "working". Yeah, I call bull**** on that one. My Tengu normally had an ECCM on it, and ...2011.04.12 03:44:00
- apparently the guy who first reported the issue and later got banned said that his initial exploit r ...2011.04.12 03:31:00
- Problem with 1.3, as others have said there is no thread for 1.3.Under the old system, if you had a ...2011.03.14 19:26:00
- Edited by: Kuroki Meisa Kennedy on 28/01/2011 07:49:42 After downtime on Friday, January 28 players ...2011.01.28 07:47:00

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