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- +1 to OP, I like to see new ships aswell. ...2011.09.05 16:31:00
- 5 ...2011.09.05 05:01:00
- There is drama in Eve ? This is a twist... ...2011.09.04 11:43:00
- These kinds of ideas seem very aligned to the whole Exploring goals CCP set for the future. Especial ...2011.09.04 11:10:00
- Hey Everyone,I had an idea that might be interesting and hope for some feedback.Greetz,Joyana Dakota ...2011.09.03 17:59:00
- I can't, I get a black screen with just the message saying "Checking Navigation Systems".The screen ...2011.08.23 06:25:00
- Hey,I sometimes get disconnected while doing mining/missions or other things and when I try to log b ...2011.08.23 06:11:00
- Ohh no, not you, not the all mighty "whats his face" is going to leave... CALL THE NEWS PAPERS !WE D ...2011.08.04 07:01:00
- Joyana Dakota,35,88,48,68,72,67,98,117,122,112 ...2011.07.31 05:45:00
- I shot the Orca but he didn't shoot back.Are you serious ? The Orca didn't shoot back ? That must ha ...2011.07.30 06:05:00
- "relatively compact community team"You guys have been taking PR classes haven't you.... The word ...2011.07.28 15:32:00
- "Please do not discuss moderation on the forums. Thread locked."CCP spitfirealso,quoting because its ...2011.07.28 07:44:00
- When WoW first came out, it had a reputation of no hand holding, where players were expected to figu ...2011.07.03 11:39:00
- I'm for selling skill points as a microtransaction, would make entering the game the game so much ea ...2011.07.02 04:59:00
- Same issue. ...2011.06.27 07:21:00

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