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- Edited by: Hoya en Marland on 29/08/2011 12:46:33MMORPGs generally suck, EVE was the only one which ...2011.08.29 12:45:00
- Edited by: Hoya en Marland on 29/08/2011 12:34:58CCP doesn't know yet.What CCP should know, though, ...2011.08.29 12:34:00
- Sad to see what EVE becomes. ...2011.08.27 10:39:00
- You piece of ****, i was the 24th person on the server to EVER fly a bs, ive been here since the ori ...2011.08.22 10:09:00
- Hey Moron. You do realise that there is abig war going on right? Hey dumbass. You do realize that t ...2011.08.22 09:35:00
- I say wait 6 months more and you'll see what's empty.Most of the vets and old school crowd left the ...2011.08.22 07:33:00
- What new feature? ...2011.08.21 09:29:00
- Magnum 357 and AKS-74 I've brought from war. Both fully operational. ...2011.08.16 00:10:00
- If this is their new idea how to attract more people into 0.0 meatgrinder then they are terribly wro ...2011.08.15 20:34:00
- It's a well known fact that 0.0 folks are all highly intelligent, tough mean looking hairy machos wh ...2011.08.15 00:17:00
- Edited by: Hoya en Marland on 05/08/2011 13:36:00Next expansions will be about adding new rooms, one ...2011.08.05 13:36:00
- I hope CCP realizes that things started to go downhill, faster and faster, and that the spectacular ...2011.08.05 08:40:00
- So called "professional foreign-policy" groups are just cheap (ok, perhaps not that cheap) political ...2011.08.01 13:26:00
- You Yanks should really think hard about your military expenses. Or is it too late, hm? ...2011.07.30 22:41:00
- I wanna chess movie. Preferably with lot of sword fighting, cavalry charges and cannon explosions. ...2011.07.29 14:49:00

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