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- Waste of bandwidth for them, almost every alliance uses ventrilo or teamspeak3. Eve voice was never ...2011.04.24 09:11:00
- I'm coming out of the closet too, I am a carebeari don't think this comes as a surprise to anyone Al ...2011.04.24 06:41:00
- eh?,,this is a carebear. This is not. ...2011.04.24 06:06:00
- Edited by: Araviel on 13/04/2011 00:59:48this is my main. this is one of my 9 alts, posting to mak ...2011.04.13 01:08:00
- eh screw this. lets go back to the shadows and just do what we do best, pew pew... ...2010.12.02 23:46:00
- yes, black ops can jump to both, capitals can not jump to covert cynos. ...2009.07.21 08:53:00
- my sniper abaddon "the Argos" has been in action since end of 2006. it has been thru alot, it saw ...2009.07.10 03:39:00
- Edited by: Kain De''Stroi on 28/06/2009 07:18:04 first you have the frigs spawning, they webb you, ...2009.06.28 07:08:00
- Only Concord points you.sorry zeba, your wrong. if you stick around long enought the police will scr ...2009.06.28 06:57:00
- make sure to make a insta undock bm. then you will be fine, as long as you keep warping. the police ...2009.06.28 06:44:00
- trust me, its worth the sec loss, shooting stuff always is ...2009.06.26 03:00:00
- Did anyone catch the bit about factional warfare? Gettin' their PvP feet wet again I guess! Would b ...2009.06.23 16:06:00
- Edited by: Epic Edit on 11/06/2009 22:12:45 Who is this Lexa?(Deleted a bunch of stuff)Never mindwh ...2009.06.11 23:31:00
- yea rancer, there you find 9 tailed cats, unicorns and rainbows and people who like the disco, tha ...2009.06.09 11:58:00
- you have to do a 100 bar fights to become a good MMA fighter, ...2009.06.07 12:47:00

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