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- Pics of people unsubbing or it never happenedOne unsubbed mainAnd an Alt soon to follow ...2011.07.11 03:09:00
- Quick question:Can you give me a rough estimate of how many man-hours you are currently wasting on t ...2011.07.11 02:25:00
- I sense a permaban coming.As far as the changes go, good true sec systems with full upgrades are p ...2011.07.11 02:14:00
- Thanks for making the mass exodus more visually appealing.Now that you have your site on par with 'm ...2011.07.11 02:03:00
- Personally I am starting a letter campaign to the Prime Minister of Iceland requesting that CCP Grey ...2011.07.11 01:52:00
- And it's very, very discouraging. Why should I keep playing this game? Will you answer me, Fallout, ...2011.07.10 17:53:00
- I'd comment, but as a person who enjoys explosions you can probably guess why I refuse to comment. ...2011.07.08 23:21:00
- Edited by: Jasdemi on 08/07/2011 17:40:43:Edit: Also, Jasdemi, GTFO my OOPE. It is now MY OOPE, pea ...2011.07.08 23:15:00
- I was there when I black screened for 3 hours and couldn't log into the fight.I was there when you l ...2011.07.07 23:05:00
- It's almost as if they have some sort of mind control in Steam, that forces you to buy stuff. My poo ...2011.07.07 01:17:00
- I was cool with Eve until they started the whole $68 mega transaction ****. I can't support greedy ...2011.07.05 22:54:00
- Meanwhile in Iceland... ...2011.07.04 14:49:00
- Meanwhile on Perpetuum Online:Yesterday one of the Dev's for PO DJ'd a 3 hour set for us to listen t ...2011.07.03 14:35:00
- its a true shame that CCP caters to the tantrums of whiney ***gotsHey look, this guy could have gott ...2011.07.02 22:45:00
- "It is CCP‘s plan that the Noble Exchange (NeX store) will be used for the sale of vanity items only ...2011.07.02 22:24:00

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